weekend knitting retreat with Cat Bordhi

The At Home Store in Fairfield, Iowa hosted a weekend of knitting with Cat Bordhi.  I was among about 25 knitters who learned about her moebius technique and about an innovative sock process.  It was great fun, and I feel I learned so much.

On Friday, we learned Cat’s moebius cast on.  For this class, we had a choice to make either a cowl or a basket.  I had brought along 100 yards of a unique handspun alpaca that I wanted to use for the cowl.  With short yardage and big needles, it was a quick knit and I was done by mid-afternoon. It’s a lovely pattern: knit from the middle outward and having only one side.  The fabric created is naturally bimodal, with half stockinette stitch and half reverse stockinette.  So, one half is a reflection of the other half.

I can definitely see making more moebius projects: I want to try the cowl in other yarns, make a cat bed (already started actually), and have a go at the basket.  Cat used a small basket over her wrist to hold a yarn ball to accommodate knitting while walking, and that looked pretty handy.

Saturday and Sunday were devoted to learning Cat’s innovative sock process.  We were making socks to fit our own feet, so it definitely needed two days for the class.  And, Cat filled the time with loads of useful tips, demonstrations, and fun stories.  I think I’ll like her process of sock knitting quite a lot.  Not only is it beautifully simple construction, but it leaves an especially strong and clean join at the ankle.  Here’s a video of Cat Bordhi summarizing this sock process (jump ahead to 2:39 for the descriptive bit).

In addition to the workshop, we had good fun exploring Fairfield, shopping at the inspiring At Home Store, and getting to know other knitters.

If you get a chance to take a workshop with Cat Bordhi, I would highly recommend it.

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