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Vessel — a pattern by Sheryl Hill

Every knitter needs a useful pot to put things in.  And here it is, easy-peasy.
an open box made of felted wool

VESSEL  Designed 9/22/2006 on Burntside Lake, Ely, MN, by Sheryl Hill

Size:  Height is knitter’s choice: count on knitting at least two-times as much height as is desired (i.e.: vessel will be half as tall after felting)
Before Felting: 6-1/2 inches wide by 6-1/2 inches deep
After Felting: 5 inches wide by 5 inches deep

Materials: 250 yds bulky weight wool, or 500 yds of worsted-weight wool held together (NOT superwash)

Needles: 24″ 10-1/2 US / 6.5 mm circular needle

Gauge: not critical  to success

Make Square Bottom:  CO 18 sts.   Knit in Garter Stitch for 36 rows (18 Ridges).

Build up the Sides: with circular needle, pick up 18 stitches at each side and CO 3 stitches at each corner (84 sts).  Working circularly: St St on the 18 side sts and PURL THE 3 CORNER STS.  Work at least double the expected height of your vessel.  On the LAST ROUND, BIND OFF the 3 corner PURL sts. Keeping the 18 side sts on each side live.

Edging: Cast on 5 sts.  Do a 5-Stitch I-Cord Bind Off around the top of your Vessel.  Note: A contrasting color works well. Seam the last sts of the i-cord bind-off to the beginning of the i-cord for a continuous join.

Finishing: With yarn matching the vessel’s sides, pinch outward the 3 purl stitch corners and sew the sides together at each corner.  The column of purl stitches will create a standing seam which will add stability for the walls of your vessel.

Decorate your vessel “walls and bottom” with your contrast color using a crochet hook and a simple “chain stitch”.  Weave in the ends.  Felt to desired size.  Smooth vessel into shape and air dry.
a wool felt box on its side
The wonderful thing about this pattern is the flexibility: choose any felting yarn, needles to match, and set about making vessels of various sizes and personalities.  Run out of one yarn?  Dig through your stash to find another yarn to finish it with.  Let yourself experiment with unexpected color combinations.

three wool-felt boxes

Many warm thanks to Sheryl for permitting me to share her pattern with the world.


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finished: Jacques Cousteau Hat

I recently finished a lovely little hat.  The pattern, Jacques Cousteau Hat, is available for free.

green knit hat

I love this hat for it’s simple, clean shaping.  It was a quick and satisfying knit.

I look forward to making more like this; I’m imagining a stash-busting exercise to clear out oddballs.  This hat is a little small for me, so I will donate it to a local shelter.


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